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Consultancy Services


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Consultancy Services
Consultancy Services

Armed with ITRI's strengths in industry-focused technology and cross-disciplinary and system integration, Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center provides domestic businesses with professional information and consultancy services, creates value-added integration, and enhance industrial efficiency for its clients. Its research capacities include six areas of interest, along with observations of economic, industrial, and technical trends, enabling them to continue providing policy recommendations and serving the industry.

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Industry Consultancy Services

Through consulting services, ITRI helps its clients create new values, achieve high performances, and emerge even stronger through ITRI's groundbreaking research and hands-on facilitation experience.

Clients and Partners

ITRI's unique role as a government think tank enables it to have close contacts with several government entities that set policies for industry development and the nation’s economy. Its association with key public policy makers along with its success-driven services have built a network of partnerships and formed strategic alliances with local and global organizations in various industries.


Partners include the Executive Yuan, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Transportation & Communication, Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan, Bureau of Energy of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Ministry of Economic Affairs, etc.

Domestic enterprises or associations

Partners include renowned domestic companies in semiconductor, information & communications, cloud, big data, biotechnology, healthcare, petrochemical, rubber & plastics, machinery, and financial industries.

Foreign enterprises or business associations

Partners include major multinational companies in semiconductor, information & communications, machine tools, biotechnology, healthcare, and petrochemical industries.



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