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Industrial Services


Industrial Services

ITRI offers comprehensive solutions and services to industrial partners as well as expedite the product commercialization. Leveraging its edge in patents and professional assistance of the open lab and incubation
center, ITRI helps drive the development of emerging technologies and promotes service industry innovation, thereby increasing industrial impact and economic value.

Industrial Services of ITRI
Industrial Services of ITRI

Contract Research

ITRI tailors research projects by integrating all available resources and ITRI’s expertise. The cooperation scale is designed and varied by the needs of the partners in order to help each of them differentiate their strengths as well as establish their competency in the market.

Product & Process Development

The service helps partners bridge the gap between their R&D phase and commercialization results. Feasibility studies, integration, new product development, prototyping, improvement of manufacturing process, safety compliance, and so on, can be carried out in ITRI.

Pilot Production and Scale-up

ITRI provides pilot manufacturing and scale-up services prior to the commercialization of products. The services include process verification, product development, and semi-commercial productions. Partners can run small volume productions through ITRI’s pilot manufacturing facilities, which helps them thoroughly evaluate possible risks before mass production.

Testing and Certification

ITRI provides professional inspection, correction, calibration, validation, measurement, and certification services. ITRI’s accredited laboratories comply with international standard and quality. Furthermore, its test reports are publicly creditable.

Business Consultancy

To help partners enhance their corporate strength and create niche markets, ITRI provides advice regarding the operation strategies and development of business management that can be more efficient and cost saving.


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