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  • Taiwan 2050 Calculator
    Taiwan 2050 Calculator

    Taiwan 2050 Calculator is energy scenario simulation tool, providing the information for public energy education, policy communication, public energy issue debate, future energy mix discussion, energy resource research, and energy development strategy-making.

  • ButyFix®

    The main approach in the effort to reduce our carbon footprint is to switch from the use of fossil fuels to biofuels. With regard to automotive fuels, butanol is much better than ethanol because of its higher energy content.

  • Calcium-Looping CO2 Capture Technology
    Calcium-Looping CO2 Capture Technology

    Calcium-Looping technology, using the abundant limestone (CaCO3) resource in Taiwan as raw material of sorbent, is one of the post-combustion CO2 capture technology.


Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories

To meet the needs of sustainable development, the Green Energy and Environment Laboratories of ITRI has devoted its resources to developing novel green energy and environment technologies for a better future. In addition, the Lab also endeavors at supporting Taiwan’s enterprises to break through the bottlenecks of establishing strong, competitive, and green industries with advanced research and development programs. The energy and environment topics that ITRI focuses on are renewable energy, energy efficiency, alternative energy, energy management and policy, clean environment, and natural resources.


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