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  • ITRI demonstrates ICT technologies at Computex 2018

    ITRI demonstrates ICT technologies at Computex 2018

    ITRI demonstrates its Computer Vision Based Self-Checkout System, ITRI MusicAI, Long-Acting Drone and Aerial Photography Intelligence Analysis Technology and a few other technologies at COMPUTEX 2018.

  • 2018 SCF Judge’s Choice Awards Winner

    2018 SCF Judge’s Choice Awards Winner

    ITRI’s Self-Organizing Network (SON) technology wins the JUDGE's CHOICE of the SCF Awards in 2018 Small Cell Forum.

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Information and Communications Research Laboratories

Founded in 1990, the Information and Communications Research Laboratories (ICL) of ITRI focuses on development of advanced and core technologies for Taiwan’s ICT industrial upgrade and value-added. For more than 20 years, from personal computers (including notebook) and network communications in the early period to emerging smart devices and cloud computing application services, ICL built the foundation for industrial development by leading technology research and cultivating talents. In line with government policy, ICL also consolidates domestic resources from industry, government and academy to participate international ICT standard organizations to improve Taiwan’s visibility and influence in global market.

In recent years, ICL has transformed its research domain from hardware-driven to software centric, service oriented and system integration, involving not only in technologies of 5G wireless communication system and network, cloud computing system, advanced SoC and system design, mobile devices and audio/video technology, IoT and innovative applications, but further expanding on emerging topics and applications on FinTech, autonomous vehicle, tele-operated vehicle and tele-operated drone, cyber security, machine learning model of artificial intelligence and deep neural network.

Looking to the future, ICL will enhance the ability on software-hardware integration and creation, interdisciplinary cooperation and exploration on new business opportunity so to make contribution on deeper technology development, industrial value-added and social welfare promotion.


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