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Technology Transfer and Law Center

Intellectual property is important when doing research. Technology Transfer and Law Center helps ITRI’s research teams develop good IP strategy, such as patent portfolio implementation and patent quality improvement to strengthen ITRI’s R&D competency.

The Building Where The Center Is Located
The Building Where The Center Is Located

Maximizing Intellectual Property Value

In regard to maximize technical value, ITRI has implemented some practical models:

  • To support new startups and ventures: in some instances, a new startup enterprise may be formed and the original ITRI project team may be spun and join the new company.
  • ITRI accepts requests from industry and devotes resources for the designated technology's development. Results from development efforts are patented and released to the inquiring business, demonstrating a straightforward model of taking an order and then delivering.

Enhancing Patent Quality Control and Management System

To improve the quality of ITRI's patents, the first step is to strengthen research activities to generate quality innovations. Therefore, improved procedures for proposal, review, and prosecution are under gate controls for quality patent applications. Patent Map System (PMS) developed by ITRI is a helpful database for technology trend research and innovation brainstorming. Also, patent search, check and review mechanisms are also designed for invention disclosures. In all, the prosecution calls for a close link between the technological and patent law aspects of the invention.

Technology Transfer and Law Center