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  • Laser and Additive Manufacturing open innovation system platform

    ITRI’s Laser and Additive Manufacturing Technology Center dedicates to the development of innovative laser technologies and applications as well as the key enabling competences of additive manufacturing. Located in ITRI Southern Region Campus, the Center established Taiwan’s first laser lab and pilot plant. Through the collaboration with electro-optical industry clusters and research institutes, the Center helps incubate emerging industries. The aim is to establish a comprehensive laser technology ecosystem, ultimately enhancing economic values for society.

  • LMD

    LAMC introduced Taiwan's first 6KW high-power laser equipment, and build a laser metal deposition (LMD) 3D printing platform.

  • gLaser Trim

    gLaserTrim can smooth glass edges for the production of touch panels, OLED devices and smartphones, using a laser. gLaserTrim increases the bending strength of glass substrates and eliminates micro cracks, allowing for slimmer design and device bendability and durability, decreasing the likelihood of glass breakage in final products.

  • Optical Engine for Material Grain Microstructure-Controlling Additive Manufacturing Technology

    Optical Engine for Material Grain Microstructure-Controlling Additive Manufacturing, a Metal 3D printing technology, enables the creation of multiple mechanical properties in one product. As compared to the conventional metal 3D printing process, Optical Engine is user friendly with various of process control to from different material microstructure in the product, and is scalability module for the AM equipment. It can save time and money for the medical, aeronautical and automobile industries application using this novel additive manufacturing process.


Laser and Additive Manufacturing Technology Center (LAMC)

Center Focus & Vision

To become a laser and additive manufacturing center of excellence.

RD Focus Strategy

Laser processing and Additive Manufacturing-intelligent integration with additive and milling concept.




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