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Green Campus

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Green Campus Program

ITRI’s Green Campus Program adopts sustainable environmental technologies and uses the ITRI campus as a living lab in order to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions, as well as to push the technology readiness level (TRL) toward commercialization through on-site demonstration and continuous operation.

The Green Campus Program encompasses various major strategies, including building low carbon infrastructure, converting old buildings to smart buildings, adopting electricity monitoring and controlling across the campus, as well as achieving low-carbon living and culture. To accomplish these objectives, ITRI has employed green technologies, established smart grids, renewed system configurations, conducted energy integration, and updated and replaced old water chillers and low-efficiency facilities. In addition, ITRI has improved energy savings through implementing an automatic energy management system to optimize power-saving performance. ITRI has been striving to enhance facility operations with its technologies and to implement various energy-saving and carbon-reduction strategies to realize low carbon lifestyles.

With the adoption of green technologies, including the Intelligent Building Energy Management System (iBEMS) and the Active Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller, ITRI has successfully reduced the energy use intensity (EUI) of a building over 40 years old to 65.9, which is over 50% lower than office buildings of the same type in Taiwan. In addition, through improved lighting and air conditioning, ITRI has enabled a building over 13 years old to be awarded the Diamond Grade in Green Building Certification granted by the Ministry of the Interior.

Furthermore, ITRI utilizes its electric vehicle technologies to create clean transportation with zero emissions. Along with the use of water-efficient facilities, it has implemented water conservation measures. ITRI not only installed green parking spaces and green roofs, but also built an ecological pool as a landscaping improvement to create a low-carbon living environment.

By 2015, the Green Campus Program enabled ITRI to achieve an annual savings of 10 million kWh, a milestone for ITRI. Besides the total annual electricity savings of 10.46 million kWh, other achievements include the reduction of 19,285 tons of carbon emissions, 25,000 tons of water recycled, the water leakage rate in the campus lowered to 1.71%, and the vegetation coverage ratio increased to 124%. ITRI has been tirelessly implementing various forms of environmentally responsible improvements. It has remained dedicated to carrying out sustainable environmental projects via the promotion of various green technologies, so as to spark the development of Taiwan’s energy industries and allow more parties involved to profit from the benefits of carbon reduction.