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Technology for Public Welfare


Technology for Public Welfare

Science and Technology Education Cultivates Future Talent

ITRI has long sought to provide science and technology education to underprivileged children and those living in remote areas. It has hosted science and technology camps for children from all corners of Taiwan for the seventh year in a row, helping them understand the conveniences that innovative technology brings. The camps educate children on the knowledge and applications of green energy, materials and chemicals, machinery, and electronics. Children can acquire basic principles and hands-on experience through interactive courses.

Technology Camps for Fourth- to Sixth- Grade Children. Technology Camps for Fourth- to Sixth- Grade Children.

To date, nearly 800 underprivileged students have taken part in these camps. ITRI is looking to expand the impact of its science and technology education initiatives by developing specialized courses in areas such as green energy. It holds educational workshops and provides teacher training, sharing teaching plans and curriculum designs with school instructors, corporate volunteers, colleges and universities, and organizations. Students from university and high school science camps are also welcome to visit ITRI. Over 3,200 students have benefited so far.

Volunteers Provide Service and Bring Warmth to Society

To promote the spirit of caring for society through technology, ITRI encourages its employees to play their part by volunteering in public service activities. ITRI has over 20 employee clubs that promote a range of charity work for underprivileged children, the elderly, and indigenous peoples. Furthermore, they provide support to local farming communities, for instance, using a public welfare data platform and smart ovens to assist farmers in manufacturing high quality dried fruit products, raising the value added of their output.

To boost the expertise of volunteers and their service quality, ITRI annually holds public welfare-themed lectures as well as basic and advanced volunteer training courses. To date, 836 volunteers have received such training. This year, ITRI held its third science and technology public service seminar. In conjunction with government agencies, business partners, and social welfare groups, this platform enables participants to share practical experiences in their charity work and promote the value of their efforts.

Every year, ITRI’s volunteers contribute more than 2,800 work days to community service; the cumulative number of volunteer work days donated to date has topped 11,000. Through its charitable endeavors with over 60 social welfare groups, ITRI seeks to work with various sectors of society to promote technology applications. It hopes its effort and spirit will continue to spread to every corner of society.

ITRI contributed 11,000+ volunteer work days, developed over 50 tech projects for public welfare to date.
ITRI contributed 11,000+ volunteer work days, developed over 50 tech projects for public welfare to date.