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Wave Energy Conversion System Technology


Wave Energy Conversion System Technology

Ocean wave energy conversion is the largest marine energy market in the world with 8,000 ~ 80,000 TWh generated each year (IEA-OES assessment). As for the Taiwan marine energy development environment, wave energy conversion is the fastest developing technology with the development potential of greater than 2GW, evaluated from the possible sites of 20 to 50 meters water depths with the energy greater than 10kW/m. Our Division developed the point-absorber wave energy conversion technology due to the advantage that its wave energy capturing efficiency is not influenced by wave directions and therefore can be used to justify the use of bottom-bound or anchor-type floating installation according to the site bathymetry. The Division has completed the first generation 20KW wave energy conversion development with good power generation efficiency (Emax = 34.73%). The second-generation device is now being developed with added intelligent control and safety technologies. This development will greatly enhance the device efficiency and reliability.

Wave Power System Demonstrations
Wave Power System Demonstrations


  • Intelligent power control, and real-time safety monitoring system
  • Low wear, high efficiency linear slide design
  • Typhoon-resistant design with high stress easing mechanism
  • Power generation efficiency is not affected by the direction of the wave
  • Customization for an optimal design of the device according to sea conditions



  • A great opportunity to develop domestic devices because no mature devices are available internationally. Accelerating development can be achieved by industry cooperation, technology transfer, and authorized technology diffusion, which is the base of the emerging marine green energy industry
  • The development potential of wave energy is more than 2GW, and the industrial benefit is more than 400 billion USD
  • The cost of electricity is expected to be cost-effective and less than $5.5 per kWh for the future large-scale development

Small wave energy conversion devices can supply ample electricity to operate an offshore islands lighthouse, a fishing harbor ice production, navigation channel marker lights, or aquaculture. Large-scale wave energy conversion devices can be used for the wave farm at the northeastern corner of Taiwan (Longdong, Cape Fukuei, Cape Sandiaojiao, etc.), and also on Chang-Yuen Rise and Penghu waters with offshore wind energy integrated development in order to achieve maximum efficiency use of the marine energy.


Dr. Sheng-Chung Lo



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