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ITRI Offers Glimpse into AI Smart Living Solutions at Its Smart Systems Pavilion at COMPUTEX 2018

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ITRI Offers Glimpse into AI Smart Living Solutions at Its Smart Systems Pavilion at COMPUTEX 2018

The five-day COMPUTEX 2018 opens on June 5th at the Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 1. ITRI this year at its Smart Systems Pavilion in the SmarTEX exhibition area will showcase 12 technology innovations under the theme "Welcoming the New AI Lifestyle." These include Intelligent Vision System for Companion Robots, Computer Vision Based Self-Checkout System, Micro LED, ITRI MusicAI, Hybrid Power Drone with High Payload and Duration, and Long-acting Drone and Aerial Photography Intelligence Analysis Technology. All of these technologies and applications are expected to inject new momentum into industrial innovation.


The emphasis of this year's COMPUTEX is on AI-related technology. ITRI will exhibit its achievements in the integration of optoelectroncis, ICT, and machinery in the form of smart machinery, lifestyle, and entertainment solutions. These reflect ITRI's efforts in working in tandem with the government's 5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan, especially the achievements in promoting smart machinery and Asian Silicon Valley.


ITRI is looking to seize opportunities associated with the trend of self-service stores with its Computer Vision Based Self-Checkout System. Through the use of deep learning technology and product image recognition, the system is able to recognize the product placed on the countertop, as well as other features such as shape, color, and writing, enabling it to recognize the type of product and quantity purchased by the customer, and thus completing the self-checkout service. The hardware required in this system is directly compatible with existing checkout counters at convenience stores.


Meanwhile, ITRI MusicAI is a locally developed music composition solution that combines a deep neural network learning algorithm and the ability to train itself by capturing music databases, thereby enabling the automated synthesis of AI music. This technology in the future can be integrated into smartphone applications or computer suite software to meet the needs of various venues, such as cafes, restaurants or lecture halls, generating appropriate background music on the spot.


ITRI will also demonstrate an intelligent vision system robot that plays Scrabble. On June 5th and June 6th, it will hold a live event in which a limited number of participants will be able to play Scrabble with the robot and enjoy human-machine interaction. Visitors are also welcome to stop by ITRI's booth to use the self-service checkout system. To remember the experience, participants will be allowed to keep the check-out item as a gift. ITRI's pavilion is D0026 in the Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 1. Come and take a look at how life is going to change with AI solutions!