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ITRI 45th Anniversary Forum: Industrial Co-Creation to Discover Blue Oceans

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ITRI 45th Anniversary Forum: Industrial Co-Creation to Discover Blue Oceans

The opening ceremony of the forum.
The opening ceremony of the forum.

ITRI hosted an international forum themed with “Co-Creation to Discover Blue Oceans” in Taipei on September 19th, attracting over 300 participants to attend. The forum invited representatives of foreign offices such as American Institute in Taiwan, British Office Taipei, and Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Taipei Office to touch on the latest policies of the technology industry in their respective countries and pinpoint cooperative opportunities in focal industries. Executives from NVIDIA, DOCOMO Technology, Merck, and Corning were also invited to address future trends and share their success stories of the cooperation with ITRI. Invited speakers include Dr. Deepu Talla, Vice President & General Manager of Autonomous Machines, NVIDIA Corporation; Mr. Seizo Onoe, Chief Technology Architect of NTT DOCOMO INC. and President of DOCOMO Technology Inc., Dr. Rajiv Rana, Head Medical Affairs Asia Pacific, Global Medical Affairs, Merck Biopharma, Merck KGaA.; Dr. Gautam Meda, Division Vice President and Director, Modeling and Computational Science, Corning Research & Development Corporation. The forum aims to drive Taiwan’s industry to expand its innovation capacity, seize international cooperation opportunities, and find a niche market.


R.O.C. Vice President Chien-Jen Chen attended the open ceremony of the forum and made remarks. “It is pleasant to see so many industry experts from Taiwan and abroad join this event and have a shared interest in the prospects for Taiwan industry. I am confident that Taiwan's industrial development will scale new heights with everyone’s participation and support,” he said. Chen believed that the forum will be inspiring and helpful for underpinning the industry transformation and upgrading in Taiwan.


Dr. Chih-Kung Lee, ITRI Chairman stated that ITRI is able to serve as an effective bridge in linking international resources and is a world-class think tank as well as a backbone for Taiwan industry. It strives to hasten the momentum of innovation-oriented R&D among the industrial, academic, and research sectors, with the aim to enable Taiwan’s industry to leverage its key advantages and identify blue ocean opportunities. He said ITRI is honored to invite its global partners to participate in today’s event and hopes that their insights will inject innovative vigor into Taiwan’s industries and accelerate their move onto the world’s market.


In the keynote speech, Dr. Talla, talked on the topic “A New Era of Computing Powered by GPUs and AI,” indicating that artificial intelligence in the form of deep learning is transforming, and that GPU computing has emerged as the standard of accelerated computing by increasing performance at Moore’s law squared. He further illustrated that how NVIDIA’s work in high-performance computing and AI influences autonomous vehicles, robotics and intelligent video analytics.


Mr. Onoe delivered his speech on “Evolution from the Past to the Future beyond 5G”, Dr. Rana discussed the benefits and challenges AI applications in healthcare, and Dr. Meda spoke on the natural partnership between Corning and ITRI. In the panel discussion moderated by CommonWealth Magazine Yin-Chuen Wu, panelists shared their thoughts on the future trends of innovations, discussed the desirable potential and advantages in Taiwan, its possible collaborations with global partners, and the blue ocean opportunities.