November Preview

ITRI-AIST R&D Collaboration Space

ITRI-AIST R&D Collaboration Space was launched at ITRI's Campus in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

ITRI-AIST R&D Collaboration Space was launched at ITRI’s Campus in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

ITRI and Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) jointly announced on October 30 the launch of their new joint research facility, the ITRI-AIST R&D Collaboration Space, located at ITRI’s campus in Hsinchu. This latest joint initiative is expected to expand the range of cooperation for innovations and R&D activities between Taiwan and Japan, and assist in the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies which will ultimately benefit both countries.

Dr. Ryoji Chubachi, President of AIST, led a delegation to Taiwan for the inauguration ceremony. His presence at the event underscores the importance of the collaborative relationship between the two institutions. Also participating in the inauguration was ITRI President Dr. Jonq-Min Liu. In his opening remarks Dr. Liu pointed out that AIST and ITRI are the leading research organizations in Japan and Taiwan respectively, and both share similar missions to strengthen their country’s industrial capabilities that would lead to improved competitiveness in the global economy.

Dr. Sean S. H. Wang, General Director of ITRI International Center, added that the two organizations have long been engaging in joint research activities through the efforts of ITRI International Center and ITRI Japan Office. Such cooperation attained a new level early this year when ITRI and AIST reached an agreement to set up identical research hubs in Japan and Taiwan, respectively. Without missing a beat, the AIST-ITRI R&D Collaboration Space in Tsukuba Science City opened in August, and it has quickly become a core element within the network of Japan’s government agencies, industrial companies, and academia. Meanwhile, Dr. Chubachi expressed his wish that the ongoing cooperation between the two parties be raised another notch in terms of substance and scope. He believes such a goal can be achieved by involving various enterprises in Hsinchu Science Park to work with the newly established ITRI-AIST R&D Collaboration Space.

Cooperation between ITRI and AIST dates back to 2003. Since then a joint technology R&D seminar has been held every two years to discuss potential topics for collaboration. The two parties signed their first memorandum of cooperation in 2005, which has led to substantive advancements in photocatalysts, photovoltaics, thermoelectric materials, disaster prevention technology, and measurement and standards. With each party contributing their respective strengths in basic science, applied R&D and technology commercialization, and the sharing of resources via close collaboration, the twin hubs will play a vital role in accelerating and ensuring research success.