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3D Printing Cannulated Screws

Conventional bone screws have a solid construction. Human bones, however, have varied shapes and sizes and also differ in density among individuals. Additionally, human bones are hollow and contain bone cells. A solid bone screw easily triggers rejection and prolongs recovery. To address this, ITRI developed a 3D Printing Cannulated Screw technology that relies on laser additive manufacturing (3D printing) to create customized bone screws. These products feature three-dimensional structures and have porous biomimetic implants for applications in osteology and dentistry treatments such as osteoporosis, ligament repair, and dental implants. ITRI collaborated with university hospitals to develop this technology. Animal tests of hollow bone screws and spine fixtures suggest a two to four-fold improvement in efficacy of bone repair and greater implant strength over existing products. Recovery time after operations is reduced by half. Depending on individual requirements, biomedical ceramic or bone-growth-inducing drugs can be added to the product, further accelerating bone recovery.

3D Printing Cannulated Screws.
3D Printing Cannulated Screws.