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Nanotechnology for IR-Absorbing Powder and Heat-Retaining Textile

Conventional IR-absorbing and heat-retaining fabrics, which are based on IR-absorbing powder materials used in the electronics industry, are considered too costly for implementation in the textile industry. To address this, ITRI developed a unique IR-Absorbing Powder and Heat-retaining Textile Nanotechnology to boost the textile industry’s competitiveness. ITRI’s technology is an integration of innovative powder synthesis, surface modification, particulate size control, and uniform dispersion techniques. Light-colored transparent powders embedded in fibers feature high heat storage capacity and are capable of absorbing heat energy from sunlight, fluorescent and incandescent light, and even human body heat. High-end thermal fabrics treated with ITRI’s proprietary powders are low in cost yet provide 50% higher photothermal efficiency than other products in the market. These thermal undergarments possess better flexibility and softness for comfort. ITRI, with its nanotechnology, has linked various segments of the textile industry from powder processing and fiber producing to garment manufacturing. ITRI further assists dyeing and finishing companies to shift their materials to synthetic fabrics and to establish global brands with high international visibility. This new market of functional textiles will meet a variety of consumer needs.

Nanotechnology for IR-Absorbing Powder and Heat-Retaining Textile
Nanotechnology for IR-Absorbing Powder and Heat-Retaining Textile


Ms. Maria Wu