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Sustainable Environment

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PolyE Membrane Technology

ITRI’s PolyE Membrane Technology improves upon conventional film-based water filters that are high in energy consumption, low in water output, and expensive to recover. Based on ITRI’s proprietary polymerization technology, the PolyE composite film is more porous than conventional reverse osmosis films, and yet is rigid enough to support the soft and thin top polyamide film. Another layer with special electrical characteristics in the composite is designed to improve water molecule binding and achieve low power consumption in water filtration. Under comparable operating conditions, PolyE produces 30-70% more water, and results in an operating cost savings of 35-55%. PolyE’s nanofiber filter film can be tailored to have high selectivity in its binding characteristics, and hence can be customized to fit the needs of processing different types of water. With the ability to remove more than 99% of sodium, calcium, magnesium and other metal ions or small organic compounds, PolyE is suitable for recycling water and can treat hard water by removing ions from household drinking water. Furthermore, it is qualified for use in the production of pure water for processing pharmaceuticals and food, as well as for seawater desalination. PolyE won the 2015 R&D 100 Award for its contribution to resolving the global shortage in water resource.

PolyE Membrane Technology.
PolyE Membrane Technology.


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