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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Establishment of a Micro LED Inter-Industrial Platform

Technology Overview

Establishment of a Micro LED Inter-Industrial Platform.
Establishment of a Micro LED Inter-Industrial Platform.

Indoor displays, mixed reality (MR), telematics, gaming, and many next-generation technologies require high-speed displays with high brightness, low electricity consumption and high resolution. ITRI developed a series of key technologies related to Micro LED displays for MR and advanced gaming monitors, such as the manufacturing of Micro LED dies, Micro LED mass transfer, and die repair. Through the Consortium for Intelligent Micro-assembly Systems (CIMS), ITRI established an interdisciplinary exchange platform that helps to connect IC designers, display manufacturers, LED producers, package-testing providers, PCB suppliers, and system integration businesses around the globe. The objective is to build a foundation for the development and application of Micro LEDs in Taiwan.

Applications & Benefits

Through the platform, businesses across industries can work together on developing leading technologies for crucial products as well as on the standardization of development specifications. Trial production of relevant products can also be carried out via the platform.