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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Smart Golf Training Analysis System

Technology Overview

Smart Golf Training Analysis System.
Smart Golf Training Analysis System.

The market size of golf sport has up to 50 million people globally. A reliable and cost-effective analysis system could help golfers and coaches know the learning situation well via analyzing data. It also overcomes entry barriers for beginners and boosts golf participation. However, the analysis systems on the market now cost at least USD 7000, or even USD 300000 with detailed analysis.

ITRI’s personalized Smart Golf Training Analysis System uses AI recognition and patent motion analysis algorithm to analyze golfer’s swing phases and postures. By incorporating 2D skeleton and golf club recognition, the system could analyze the swing videos captured by mobile devices and provide critical advice on steps to golfers. It also visualizes the practicing history for golfers and coaches to help them adjust the learning and coaching plans. The system empowers mobile phones same abilities as other expensive competitors have.

The system also serves as an online coaching platform. Golfers could send their swing videos and analysis results to online coaches; coaches can advise in detail with the built-in audio and drawing tools. The service helps golfers obtain professional instructions even if practicing alone; moreover, coaches could know their students' practice situation at any time to improve the coaching experience.

Features & Innovations

The analysis technology could work on a mobile device, which is more cost-effective than a commonly expensive golf analysis system.

Applications & Benefits

The system provides an online golf coaching service with backend data management to help the Taiwan golf industry develops innovative service models.