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Industrial Technology Research Institute


High Efficiency Diverse Video Content Coding

Technology Overview

High Efficiency Diverse Video Content Coding.
High Efficiency Diverse Video Content Coding.

ITRI is the major provider of complete video-audio IP of Taiwan research units and can provide a leading international multi-standard video encoding hardware IP technology with complete patent layout, that offers low development cost, high-performance, high-quality, high compression ratio characteristics.

ITRI provides system and IC companies total solution of hardware-software integration, including AVC+AVS dual-codec hardware IP, AVC+MVC+MVD three-mode hardware encoding and decoding hardware IP, and Video Capturing and Conversion Codec IP, etc., can accelerate Taiwan industry to develop high value-added high-end product.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI transferred its H.264/AVC IP technologies and patent to Taiwan video IC design houses to consolidate Taiwan’s global market share leadership in Web Cam H.264/AVC video codec IP. Also, ITRI transferred its AVC/MVC/MVD Codec IP to worldwide well-known research unit IMEC for integrating its stereo matching technology on a single SOP chip to expand international business opportunities together. Besides, the Lab enhances the impact of the operation of Taiwan's participation in international standard organization via proposes participate MPEG/ITU international standard organization and strive for co-leadership, and promote to become the world's oldest International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to registered transformed organization.

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