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Industrial Technology Research Institute



Technology Overview


ITRI has developed a z-fold plastic AMOLED display that is flexible, lightweight, and features full HD resolution (310 ppi), based on its FlexUP™ technology. The weight and the flexibility of the z-fold plastic AMOLED can be further improved by adopting a transparent cover plate with integrated gas barrier and optical features. The overall thickness of the flexible AMOLED is only 0.1 mm, a result of eliminating a plastic substrate and an OCA (optically clear adhesives) layer. The optimized material composition and layer stacking structure were determined based on stress simulation to avoid the failure of the most critical light emitting component due to stress induced by bending. The panel can thus withstand both inward and outward folding at a small curvature.

Applications & Benefits

The technology allows the convergence of a novel handheld device which serves as a mobile phone when folded and a tablet when unfolded.

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