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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Autonomous Vehicle & Surrounding Sensing Subsystem

Technology Overview

Autonomous Vehicle & Surrounding Sensing Subsystem.
Autonomous Vehicle & Surrounding Sensing Subsystem.

The Surrounding Sensing Subsystem is a software system that combines multiple sensors, offering human-like senses including vision (camera), hearing (Internet of Vehicles), touch (LiDAR), and sense of direction (GPS). It identifies all objects related to driving and can predict future paths. This technology can be applied to driving assistance systems of regular cars in addition to self-driving cars.

Applications & Benefits

In 2018, ITRI launched the Surrounding Sensing Subsystem Partnership Program and has attracted 10 organizations to join it, helping Taiwan’s ICT sector to capture business opportunities in automated vehicle security and self-driving cars. It collaborated with industrial partners to build Taiwan’s first domestically developed self-driving electric midsize bus, which seats 17 passengers. With the deployment of the V2X roadside system, the bus has demonstrated intersection passing, automatic U-turn, and parking maneuvers. A trial service of the bus was open to the public in Shuinan for the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition.