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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Drone-Based Inspection Scheme

Technology Overview

Drone-Based Inspection Scheme.
Drone-Based Inspection Scheme.

The Automatic Police UAV Patrol System (APUPS) adopts optimized dual communications of 4G and WiFi for remote control of drones with live streaming of less than one second delay. With dual lens cameras, the drones are equipped to conduct large-scale observation and precise focusing. Bundled with the ground control station software, the solution offers a drone-charging system, allowing the drone to automatically return to the base station for recharging, and enabling simultaneous management and operation of multiple drones. Furthermore, through wireless communications and a ground management system, drone inspections support indoor positioning to overcome the limitations of drone flights.

Applications & Benefits

Besides conducting outdoor operations, the drones can also detect water leaks, deterioration, and other problems in tunnels, steel bridges, piers, offshore windmills, and places where humans have difficulty accessing. It can also take photos using precise positioning technology without GPS. When receptors on the ground receive information sent by the drones, engineers can control drone flights and ascertain their precise status. ITRI has cooperated with Taiwan High Speed Rail and the Water Resources Agency in conducting bridge examinations and safety patrols using the APUPS. Meanwhile, ITRI is also exploring the system’s business prospects in fields such as agriculture, police patrols, emergency rescue operations, and even territory monitoring and protection.