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iRoadSafe V2X Safety Solution

Technology Overview

iRoadSafe V2X Safety Solution.
iRoadSafe V2X Safety Solution.

iRoadSafe offers a smart V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) road safety solution especially designed to handle the busy and complex traffic environments in the Asia-Pacific region. This solution integrates data from communications, sensors, traffic signals and other equipment to predict possible tracks through anti-collision algorithms on the distance between people, vehicles, and objects. The system then uses roadside units (RSUs) to broadcast alerts to all road users in a real–time manner.

Applications & Benefits

iRoadSafe has been deployed in accident-prone sites in several cities in Taiwan, including a field trial with a bus service in Taipei and light rail transit system in Kaohsiung. It has also been industrialized and applied in New Taipei City, Taichung, Keelung, Hsinchu, Nantou and Tainan. This technology has been transferred to telematics companies and assisted in exporting the smart transportation system to Southeast Asia. iRoadSafe won Silver in the Transportation & Logistics category at the 2019 Edison Awards as well as the Industry Award at the ITS World Congress 2019. It was also the runner-up in the startup category of the Dubai World Congress and Challenge for Self-Driving Transport in 2018-2019.