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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Harmonic Drives

Technology Overview

Harmonic Drives.
Harmonic Drives.

With the increasing demand for robotic arms, the harmonic drive has become one of the key components during the rapid development of industrial automation. ITRI remains committed to developing harmonic drive-based products such as joint modules and small rotary platforms. It has further integrated innovative gear tooth profile, rigidity control of flex spline, cyber-physical system (CPS) online tolerance distribution control, and micro-particle surface treatment technology in order to minimize errors in harmonic drives and maximize their product life cycle under high-intensity operations. All of this is done to enable Taiwan to bridge the gap in its industrial automation.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI has built a testing platform where techniques can be tested under various scenarios, while helping shorten the time needed for certification. Other applications of harmonic drives have also proven to be feasible, such as six-axis robotic arms, wafer-handling robotic arms, and mobility aids. In 2019, ITRI founded a startup after transferring the technology for commercial uses.