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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Localization of Railway Construction Technology

Technology Overview

Localization of Railway Construction Technology.
Localization of Railway Construction Technology.

Taiwan’s railway systems have long relied on foreign suppliers. In order to effectively improve safety and reduce inspection time, a railway industry and local supply chain should be established. For railway industry localization, ITRI has been collaborating with railway companies including Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSR). There are more than 80 items for developing railway systems, such as the light electric railroad patrol system, underfloor lathes, the high-speed railroad switch testing system, the bearing vibration testing system for traction motors, drones for smart bridge inspection, the equipment system module, and the railway measurement instrument and calibration system.

Applications & Benefits

Furthermore, the two organizations are planning to further develop the nation’s first bogie testing platform. To meet CENELEC standards, ITRI is also working with Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation to develop a technology that allows platform gates to open and close in sync with the doors of MRT trains.