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Industrial Technology Research Institute


5G MR Racing Drones

Technology Overview

5G MR Racing Drones.
5G MR Racing Drones.

As 5G is moving toward commercial reality, racing drones are seen as a new application that can demonstrate its advantages. ITRI organized the world’s first 5G MR Racing Drone Competition, which combines wireless digital transmission and virtual obstacle courses to promote a “digital FPV + MR racing drone system” with low-latency first person view (FPV) digital transmission, MR, and precision positioning. During the event, professional drone racing pilots were invited to experience new technologies, such as virtual reality competition levels, highspeed 5G communication transmission, and realtime collision visual feedback. Live broadcast of the competition verified the possibility of commercialization.

This coming together of drones, live broadcasting, and competition organizers not only created a new competition model, but also established a new example for industry cooperation. Collaboration with international partners to build cooperation channels and a complete industry chain including operations, supply, equipment manufacturing, and services, allows domestic industries to move towards international market and business opportunities in 5G emerging applications.