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Industrial Technology Research Institute


5G MR Drone Racing System

Technology Overview

5G MR Drone Racing System.
5G MR Drone Racing System.

ITRI developed the 5G MR Drone Racing System that combines electronic fences, fall prevention and physical feedback mechanisms. The system features lightweight 5G video cameras and ultralow latency digital image transmission technology. Compared to the image quality (300,000 pixels) of analog cameras, ITRI’s technology boosts image pixels to over two million, while transmission only takes 0.05 seconds. For commercial verification, a drone racing contest was held in the Asia New Bay Area in Kaohsiung to demonstrate the advantages in large bandwidth and low-latency private 5G network.

Applications & Benefits

The combination of highspeed positioning, 5G video streaming, and MR algorithms will strengthen the depth of the 5G e-sports industry.