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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Self-Driving Shuttle Bus Service for THSR Hsinchu Station

Technology Overview

Self-Driving Shuttle Bus Service for THSR Hsinchu Station.
Self-Driving Shuttle Bus Service for THSR Hsinchu Station.

In April 2021, ITRI cooperated with the Hsinchu County Government and several automotive assembly and electronics companies to launch an experimental self-driving shuttle bus service project for Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Hsinchu Station. Self-driving electric buses were developed to transport passengers between the HSR station and the Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel, with a total route length of 5.3 km. This marks the first time that a self-driving commercial vehicle has operated on open urban roads in Taiwan. The field test in mixed traffic of scooters and cars requires highly sophisticated computing for pedestrian, vehicle, and road information processing. The self-driving shuttle bus also incorporates ITRI's iRoadsafe, a V2X system solution that integrates roadside unit communication, sensor signals, and traffic signs to increase operational safety.

Applications & Benefits

Smart bus shelters work together to provide up-to-date bus schedules, and a traffic control center was established to detect the flow volume of waiting passengers, adjust bus dispatch, and monitor bus routes.