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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Intelligent AMRs for Cleaning and Sterilization

Technology Overview

Intelligent AMRs for Cleaning and Sterilization.
Intelligent AMRs for Cleaning and Sterilization.

There has been a growing awareness of the importance of preventing infectious diseases in recent years. Hospitals, train stations, and airports are all places where viruses can easily linger, making it necessary to frequently clean and disinfect large areas. This not only increases the workload of cleaning personnel but also poses a risk of infection. To address these issues, ITRI has developed an intelligent AMR for cleaning and sterilization that can find the best cleaning path through intelligent computation. Without pre-defined courses or marks, this technology can calculate optimal routes and avoid obstacles to complete cleaning tasks across large areas effectively.

Applications & Benefits

Adoption of this technology can reduce the workload of cleaning personnel by up to 50% while also mitigating their risk of infection. At the same time, overall cleaning efficiency is doubled or even tripled. Currently, the AMRs are undergoing a trial run at Taiwan’s China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) and Taoyuan International Airport.