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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Vehicular Imaging Technologies

Technology Overview

Vehicular Imaging Technologies.
Vehicular Imaging Technologies.

ITRI is developing an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) to monitor driving conditions, warn the driver in advance, and lower the chance of traffic accidents happening. There are three important technologies in this system. First, lane departure warning system (LDWS) was used to detect the road lane and analyze the driving trace of a vehicle. Combined with GPS and map, augmented reality navigation can be realized. Second, forward collision warning system (FCWS) detects vehicles ahead accurately and assist drivers failing to maintain a safe following distance. Third, Moving object detection (MOD) was applied to detect moving objects by using motion estimation without a background model.

Applications & Benefits

It is an efficient technology that can avoid collisions with pedestrian or obstacles. In the future, our ADAS technology could contribute to the cooperation between ITRI and international companies, and also open up the market for domestic companies.