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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Laser Induced 3D Antenna

Technology Overview

Laser Induced 3D Antenna.
Laser Induced 3D Antenna.

ITRI developed an innovative multi-layer 3D antenna design and manufacturing technology, which combines the compact multi-band antenna technology, the laser induced metallization manufacturing technology, and the ingredient know-how of low dielectric loss (Df) material. With these technologies, the antenna designs for the smart handset terminal application can be implemented to become multi-layer or thin-film 3D structures successfully. Therefore, it gives an important solution for integrating 4G LTE MIMO multi-antenna systems, or even the future 5G antenna systems into the smart handset terminals successfully.

Applications & Benefits

Laser Induced Metallization for 3D Multilayer Antenna (LIM-3D) allows multi-layered circuits and antennas to be constructed on a 3D surface, even for irregularly shaped electronic devices. LIM-3D is an improvement upon comparable technologies that are either limited to a flat construction or one single layer of three-dimensionally extending circuitry. LIM-3D can be used in smartphones, vehicle electronics, RFID systems, wearable devices and frequency electronics for auto and aerospace industries.

Laser Induced Metallization for 3D Multilayer Antenna (LIM-3D)