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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Eco-Freindly EV

Technology Overview

Eco-Freindly EV.
Eco-Freindly EV.

To reduce air pollution in downtown areas, many metropolitan regions have been enforcing rules to limit the access of traditional engine-driven vehicles to the city centers. Logistics services that mostly rely on gasoline or diesel-powered trucks need to make changes accordingly. Considering that electric vehicles, with no exhaust emissions and energy efficient, are eco-friendly for downtown logistics services, ITRI has been developing an electric truck solution for logistics companies. The efforts include not only the design and development of vehicle components and systems, but also the help of drafting EV standards and building up the total eco-system such as fleet management and battery charging facilities.

Applications & Benefits

Collaborating with logistics and air cargo companies, ITRI has deployed 15 electric trucks in the northern Taiwan service zone ranging from Taipei to Hsinchu. Further scaling up the electric fleet deployment and moving to a greener city can be expected in near future.