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Industrial Technology Research Institute


ITRI WAVE/DSRC Communications System and Advanced Driving Assistance System

Technology Overview

Real-Time Prediction of Energy Consumption in Industrial Processes.
Real-Time Prediction of Energy Consumption in Industrial Processes.

ITRI WAVE/DSRC Communications Unit (IWCU) is a radio communications system that provides a means to implementing an intelligent transportation system to increase transport efficiency and road safety. ITRI has cooperated with domestic companies and developed a system on chip (SoC), which is the world’s first fully IEEE 802.11p-compliant inter-vehicle communications chip. The technology is participating in the inter-compatibility test project hosted by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Along with other research and development projects, ITRI provides various opportunities for industries to gain a foothold in this emerging market.

Applications & Benefits

Moreover, ITRI's three-in-one Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS), which integrates a lane deviation warning system (LDWS), a front collision warning system (FCWS) and a blind spot detection system (BSDS), has begun its vehicle test phase. Results of tests that simulate all weather conditions confirm that the technology is in full compliance with industry standards.