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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Foldable On-Cell Touch AMOLED

Technology Overview

Foldable On-Cell Touch AMOLED.
Foldable On-Cell Touch AMOLED.

By adopting its FlexUPTM technology, a flexible substrate with a gas barrier property and optical features, ITRI has developed the prototype of a foldable AMOLED display with on–cell touch function. The display has an FHD of 310 ppi, is extremely light, thin, and durable, and can be folded 200,000 times at a radius of 3 mm. The display is highly touch–sensitive when tested by a touch panel linear tester, as it shows a touch sensitivity deviation of ≤ 1.5 mm at the border and ≤1 mm at the center with an SNR of ≥ 20.

Applications & Benefits

It can be used as a tablet when unfolded and a cell phone when folded. Such an innovative application can fulfill consumers’ demands in the upcoming era of smart life and the Internet of Things. The technology won the Gold Panel Award at 2016 Touch Taiwan.

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