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Industrial Technology Research Institute


High-Density Smart Shuttle Rack System (SRS)

Technology Overview

High-Density Smart Shuttle Rack System (SRS).
High-Density Smart Shuttle Rack System (SRS).

To facilitate the transformation and upgrading of the traditional logistics storage industry, ITRI developed crucial technologies including human-robot collaboration, order-based AI dynamic decisions and iAGV. It further created a control and smart scheduling system for the first Taiwan-made Shuttle Rack System (SRS). Incorporating current storage management and smart transportation modules used by logistics service providers and automated equipment suppliers, the SRS maximizes storage space and solves problems faced by e-commerce businesses such as excessive inventories, insufficient shipping time and limited manpower resources. The system is able to predict the number of orders, assign optimal storage locations, and plan the most effective order selection schedule.

Applications & Benefits

The SRS also attracted an e-commerce conglomerate to expand its investment in Taiwan, where it built the first AI-based high-density SRS logistics center in Asia. The SRS storage allows the number of stock items to be 2.5 times more, saving up to 60% of shipping time, and hopefully will decouple the production capacity during peak season.