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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Smart Stores and Smart Shelves

Technology Overview

Smart Stores and Smart Shelves.
Smart Stores and Smart Shelves.

Societal issues such as aging population and low birth rate have led to problems relating to lack of workforce and transitioning to retail automation. In order to establish a novel business model that reduces labor and improves customer services, ITRI combines various sensors to realize the “grab-and-go” unmanned stores concept. With an accuracy of up to 98%, the sensors can precisely identify and track activities in smart stores.

Applications & Benefits

Through the combination of various sensing devices, such as cameras, load cells, and infrared light curtains, this technology helps to track in-store customers and overcome issues of blockages, overlapping images and shadows when an item is taken, returned, or misplaced. Sensors can operate independently or be used with other sensing devices for the management of smart shelves, smart stores, supply rooms or inventory. The combination of sensors can facilitate application of smart technologies and automation in the retail industry, leading transformation among retail equipment suppliers.