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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Intelligence Robotic Process Automation

Technology Overview

Intelligence Robotic Process Automation.
Intelligence Robotic Process Automation.

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) is a combination of technologies used to manage and automate digital processes. IRPA is designed to assist human workers by doing manual, repetitive and routine tasks that were previously performed by humans. IRPA should increase operational efficiency, worker performance and response efficiency to customers.

Applications & Benefits

We use Cognitive Document Automation (CDA) technology on RPA, using AI technology (including: computer vision technology, OCR, natural language processing and machine/deep learning, etc.) to automatically process structured and unstructured data contained in documents. We can leverage CDA to accurately extract information, significantly reduce document processing costs, improve data quality to reduce errors, and help enterprise customers achieve automated document processing.

  1. reduces manual intervention in any document-centric workflow
  2. save operating costs by substantially completing a lot of work in a shorter time
  3. different types of document formats and sources can be scanned and processed
  4. automates laborious tasks such as data entry, information validation, and document classification