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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Innovative FinTech Services

Technology Overview

Innovative FinTech Services.
Innovative FinTech Services.

Working with leading financial holding corporations, ITRI utilizes ICT technologies such as blockchain, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop new financial and insurance services. These solutions include a personal financial ranking model for small loan programs, a health–risk assessment model for the spillover effect of the health insurance policy, a blockchain–based mobile payment system, and a mobile office app for business employees .

In the insurance field of the emerging FinTech space, ITRI established the first domestic driving risk management system through a pilot field test in Taiwan. This system possesses behavior correction and warning abilities, thus completing the benchmark database for driving behavior analysis and creating Usage– based Services (UBX) solutions. These can be used for insurance businesses’ actuarial calculations in assessing the feasibility of localization of the Usage–based Insurance (UBI) business model.

Applications & Benefits

The suggestion system of fleet damage prevention has been licensed to property casualty insurance companies. It is used in commercial delivery service fleets to help companies expand their market into UBX and further develop the first UBI products.