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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Liquid Biopsy

Technology Overview

Liquid Biopsy.
Liquid Biopsy.

In response to the global trend of precision medicine, ITRI has designed a liquid biopsy for lung cancer based on only one syringe of blood. Standard procedures require blood centrifugation immediately after sampling the blood, and the sample must be preserved in the refrigerator. In contrast, ITRI’s liquid biopsy can extract high-quality cell-free DNA and allow for two-week storage at room temperature after blood collection. The liquid biopsy system includes an IVD (in vitrodiagnostic device) kit and a machine which automatically diagnoses gene mutation of EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) indicating lung cancer.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI’s liquid biopsy technology is comparable with similar worldclass products but is less time-consuming and even more accurate because it adds testing for an eighth mutation. The introduction of this system has aligned manufacturers of components and modules, reagents, and machinery to form a supply chain for the precision diagnosis industry.