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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Novel Targeted Drug for Glaucoma

Technology Overview

Novel Targeted Drug for Glaucoma.
Novel Targeted Drug for Glaucoma.

The number of patients with glaucoma has been increasing substantially over the years. It is already the number two cause of blindness, which leads to a growing demand for glaucoma drugs worldwide. However, traditional glaucoma prescription drugs only provide patients with a limited selection which in repetitive use can easily lose drug efficacy or even result in side effects. ITRI has been dedicated to developing new small-molecular drugs for ophthalmology, introducing novel targeted drugs for glaucoma, organizing patent portfolios, applying for clinical trials, and promoting commercialization. Adopting its unique targeted drug development technology, ITRI developed a new generation of ROCK (Rho-associated Kinase) inhibitors, which is better than other similar products in helping lower eye pressure without causing irritating side effects.

Applications & Benefits

This technology has attracted a drug manufacturer in France and spurred further collaboration between the two countries to facilitate the transformation of Taiwan’s ophthalmologic drug industry.