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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Personal Companion Robot for Older People Living Alone (PECOLA)

Technology Overview

Personal Companion Robot for Older People Living Alone (PECOLA).
Personal Companion Robot for Older People Living Alone (PECOLA).

An aging society such as Taiwan has an increasing demand for elderly care services. ITRI’s PECOLA robot is able to identify and analyze the physical and mental states of seniors. The robot employs ambient intelligence technology in caring for its elderly companions, making sure they are in good health and spirits. It also compiles and sends information to the senior’s family members to help spark topics for discussion and bolster communication between them. PECOLA uses image recognition to record changes in food portion and carry out diet analysis to understand the individual’s food intake. PECOLA also uses WiFi signals in detecting one’s breathing rate during sleep. What’s more, it utilizes deep learning technology to detect fall incidents. Once a fall is detected, the robot immediately calls the individual’s family members to initiate a video session for home safety.

Applications & Benefits

PECOLA continues to integrate third-party services, such as entertainment and social activities for the elderly, as well as functions to foster convenience, smart living, and healthcare.