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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Portable UVC LED Water Sterilizer System

Technology Overview

Portable UVC LED Water Sterilizer System.
Portable UVC LED Water Sterilizer System.

Mercury lamp water purification systems are toxic, large, intolerant to switching on and off, and suffer from heat dissipation problems. Starting from 2020, the Minamata Convention forbids the production and import/export of products that contain mercury. In addition, data from shows that as of 2018, there are still 844 million people around the globe who have no access to safe drinking water. Every 90 seconds, a child dies because of waterborne disease. ITRI has developed a Portable UVC LED Water Sterilizer System with a 99.9% sterilization efficiency rate. This technology uses UVC LED as the light source, and the water to be purified as the heat dissipation source. A patented projection-type optical cavity and circuit system design solves the power consumption and high heat problems inherent in UV light bulbs.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI’s portable system also uses water flow to immediately switch on the system and its LED brightness monitoring function. The UVC LED saves 50% on energy compared to traditional mercury lights and has a life-span of up to four years. The system is economical and convenient to use; moreover, it is environmentally friendly. Not only can Taiwan and other developed countries use this system to improve their water quality, but they can also help to provide clean drinking water and sterile medical treatment water in disaster areas or areas with poor sanitation conditions. This system won a 2018 R&D 100 Award.

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