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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Green Technology for Electronic Grade Solvent Recycling

Technology Overview

Green Technology for Electronic Grade Solvent Recycling.
Green Technology for Electronic Grade Solvent Recycling.

The demand for top quality wet chemicals such as etching or cleaning solvents for high-end processing is very high within the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries. ITRI has developed Dividing-Wall Column (DWC) green distillation technology for electronic grade solvent purification and recycling based on typical chemical separation techniques. It features reliable output purity and quality, a high recovery rate and low energy consumption. This pioneering technology for the electronic-material factory production line can solve the dilemma of high-value solvent loss and poor quality from off-site recycling.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI’s solution is suitable for exhaust solvent from lithium batteries or thin-film material factories and cyclic purification of the stripper or thinner used in wafer or LCD panel plants. The technology has been verified through factory application. Besides improving sewage discharge, the system operating cost is less than 50% of the price of solvents, with return on investment under two years regardless of the system capacity. There are currently seven successful commercial cases with potential benefit of US$40 million annually.