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Industrial Technology Research Institute


3D Vision Inspection Technology

Technology Overview

High-speed 3D visual inspection sensor.
High-speed 3D visual inspection sensor.

Self-developed, made-in-Taiwan, high-speed 3D vision sensors can resolve the off-line inspection limitation of sensors made in foreign countries and avoid the hefty price tag (less than 1 million NTD) that comes with them. These sensors help shift inspection equipment in Taiwan from off-line to in-line processing/integrated inspection, satisfying the need for high-precision, automatic full inspection in high-tier metal transport equipment and electronic manufacturing, thus greatly increasing production quality and capacity.

The innovative hierarchical parallel decoding technology uses synchronous phase shift characteristics to decrease decoding time. Together with 3D+2D automatic size and feature computing, it satisfies the need for full in-line inspection.

  • Features
    • Fast depth-of-field recognition parallel decoding.
    • 3D+2D automatic size and feature measurement.
  • Specifications
    • 3D sensor precision: ≦ 10μm.
    • 3D decoding time: ≦ 2 seconds.

Applications & Benefits

Implemented into production lines of key companies in bicycle, motorcycle, aerospace machinery, and mobile phone industries for testing.