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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Intelligent Scheduling Technology

Technology Overview

Intelligent Scheduling Technology.
Intelligent Scheduling Technology.

Referring to information of production line, e.g., WIP, inventory, process, etc., our intelligent scheduling technology can arrange for jobs to be produced using proper machines and tooling. Our goal is to increase order fill rate and utilization.

Applications & Benefits

The ITRI intelligent tree search and scheduling technology independently developed by the ITRI intelligent scheduled production lines according to production information (such as WIP) and condition restrictions (such as fixture restrictions), and it has the advantages of fast solving and optimization of the Dispatching rule The mechanism, adding the exploration factor in the exploitation process of obtaining the scheduling solution, enables the scheduling solution increase the finding closer to the global optimal.

We import this system in a panel production line, and confirmed 3.3% utilization and throughput can increased efficiently (i.e., revenue increases 10 million). Besides, in a steel production line, we decrease energy consumption by 8.7% and achieve green energy transformation; in a pharmaceutical industry, we increase 10% planning throughput and ability to take orders (estimated revenue increases 8 million per peak season).

We develop an intelligent scheduling system, which includes:

  • Input data are from ERP, BOM, MES systems and parameter settings;
  • Process comprises production simulation and scheduling engine. "Simulation" is responsible for constructing cyber-physical production system and make scheduling results workable. Besides, "scheduling engine" includes tree search, AI technologies and scheduling control, and can achieve high scheduling efficiency and tool utilization.
  • Output comprises important KPIs (e.g., utilization and order fill rate) and charts (e.g., Gantt chart, WIP-move).

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