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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Intelligent Cloud Platform for the Machinery Industry

Technology Overview

Intelligent Cloud Platform for the Machinery Industry.
Intelligent Cloud Platform for the Machinery Industry.

Remote working has become the new normal for business operations, and the digital transformation of the traditional machinery industry is imminent. In Taiwan, SMEs account for 90% in manufacturing industry and more than 80% in machinery and equipment industry. Most traditional operations rely on the experience of old masters. Smart manufacturing and digital transformation are facing many obstacles.

ITRI has worked with several R&D institutes to co-develop an intelligent cloud platform, providing universal applications for the machinery industry to implement remote working and hasten digital transformation. Vendors can download apps as needed to enable smart manufacturing.

Applications & Benefits

The platform carries more than 152 apps for the metal processing, electronic equipment, metal stamping, plastic injection, and textile equipment industries. Overall, 23 shop-in-shops and 41 vendors have introduced the apps into use and thousands of members have already joined the platform.