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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Roll-to-Roll Manufacture Technology

Technology Overview

Flexible Electronics Pilot Lab.
Flexible Electronics Pilot Lab.

The approach of the innovative roll-to-roll design and precision printing technology in touch panel production eliminates the seven machines needed for conventional sputtering, resist-coating, baking, exposure, developing, etching, and stripping with a single direct-printing machine. The 7-in-1 process of direct printing of fine metal lines on thin films or ultra-thin glass enables high-efficiency mass production and also brings significant environmental and cost advantages.

The Roll-to-Roll (R2R) Manufacture Technology, newly developed by ITRI, fulfills the specialties of flexible substrates in being light weight, ultra-thin, large size, and energy saving during the manufacturing processes. A pilot line, combining materials, equipment, and process integration, has been established based on this R2R Technology for touch panel fabrication.

Applications & Benefits

In addition to the composite substrates developed by ITRI, we have collaborated with international partners to strengthen the state-of-the-art direct printing technology (fine line L/S width ≦ 10µm) in order to increase the competitiveness of portable devices, facilitate the development of self-developed equipment, and form the value chain for wearable products. We hope to stimulate mass production in the near future.

Touch Panel Module.
Roll-to-roll manufacture technology
Roll-to-roll manufacture technology.

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