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Industrial Technology Research Institute


High Capacity Aluminum Battery

Technology Overview

High Capacity Aluminum Battery.
High Capacity Aluminum Battery.

Aluminum batteries are highly safe, highly powered, and can be rapidly charged and discharged. Most importantly, they are environmentally friendly and pollution-free and there is an abundant supply of their constituent materials. ITRI uses the intercalation and deposition of alkali metals on the surface of a graphite negative electrode along with a dual-graphite electrode to increase the discharge voltage of the battery from 2.0 V (as published in Nature) to 3.5 V. Meanwhile, it also uses an ionic composite electrolyte formula to increase the maximum specific capacity (mAh/g) of graphite.

Applications & Benefits

A total of 53 patents have been granted, and this technology received a 2017 Edison Award. The long-term goal of this technology is to provide a large-scale energy storage system for electricity supply. The research team has been stationed in the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City since 2017. There is a plan for five stations to provide 40 electric bikes for use between the Shalun Smart Green Energy Demonstration Area and THSR Tainan Station. Advanced green energy technologies such as fast-charging aluminum battery modules and fast-charging stations will be verified, in order for them to be introduced to the market, allowing Taiwan to become an international base for advanced research and development on batteries.