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Visualization Epitaxy Optimum Coupling System - CyberEpi

Technology Overview

Visualization Epitaxy Optimum Coupling System—CyberEpi.
Visualization Epitaxy Optimum Coupling System—CyberEpi.

It is time-consuming to set up and adjust the parameters for the process of epitaxy manufacturing in LED and semiconductor fabs. By integrating ITRI’s “physical mechanism of verifying visualization of a high-temperature flow field” with “decision-making on the chemical reaction path”, manual operations are replaced by the digital approach to regulating process parameters in the manufacturing process of epitaxy and function of rapid key module design and development, and rapid acquisition of parameters can be achieved. By adopting CyberEpi, the time that an epitaxy manufacturer spends on finding optimal process parameters would be reduced from one week to two hours, the accuracy of a parameter analysis would be improved from 92% to 95%, and the time to market would be shortened from three months to one month.

Applications & Benefits

The technology could also accelerate the process of product commercialization, and shower heads could be rapidly designed with CyberEpi, which utilizes laminar flow theory to establish a thermofluids database. ITRI received an R&D 100 Award for this technology in 2017.

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