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Artificial intelligence co-creation platform

Technology Overview

Artificial intelligence co-creation platform.
Artificial intelligence co-creation platform.

The AIdea artificial intelligence co-creation platform is mainly to provide requirements and data from the enterprises, to link the AI energy of the industry and academia through the platform to solve problems, and to quickly obtain solutions to accelerate the application of the AI industry.

Applications & Benefits

It is not easy for domestic enterprises to apply AI technology. The main problems include not knowing whether AI is available, AI talent recruitment difficulties, lack of technical cooperation channels and investment cost considerations. However, domestic academia specialize in artificial intelligence related technology for many years and have high research energy. However, due to the lack of industrial data, it is impossible to industrialize research results. It is necessary to strengthen industry-university cooperation and accelerate the industrial application of AI technology.

The AIdea artificial intelligence co-creation platform first assists the industry to clarify the requirements and the preparation of data (errata, clean-up, de-identification) and expose the requirement to the platform. The academic community downloads data through the platform, conducts data analysis and model building, and then submits the results of the problem solving to the platform, thereby effectively linking the energy of the academic community. This many-to-many matchmaking mode is different from the traditional one-on-one industry-university cooperation, which will effectively strengthen the benefits of industry-university cooperation. The platform also accumulates domestic industry issues, datasets, and talent pool, and continues to accelerate Taiwan's AI applications.

In addition to the AIdea artificial intelligence co-creation platform ( that has provided service on line, the platform system itself is produced by Microservice, which is scalable and stable, providing user management and problem solving. Data download/upload, evaluation method, forum, leaderboard and other functional modules, related technologies can also be applied to enterprise internal data sharing platform, AI technology exchange platform and other applications.

The AIdea platform has accumulated more than 4,000 problem-solving members. The domain of topic include medical, manufacturing, transportation, geology, biomedical, news, epidemic prevention, dairy, environmental protection and other industrial topics. At the same time, it provides a variety of problem-solving models, including industrial services, competitions, course project supports, and recruitment can effectively help local enterprises to overcome the AI ​​application barrier, quickly obtain solutions and enhance their competitiveness.

AIdea artificial intelligence co-creation platform.
AIdea artificial intelligence co-creation platform.