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Industrial Technology Research Institute


AIdea Artificial Intelligence Co-Creation Platform

Technology Overview

Artificial intelligence co-creation platform.
Artificial intelligence co-creation platform.

Provide a platform for the enterprise's internal data research team to refine the analysis model and obtain the evaluation results more efficiently, or provide a Crowd sourcing AI analysis collaboration platform.

Applications & Benefits

This technology includes container virtualization and huge data platform technology, and provides an isolated data analysis environment that supports a deep learning framework. (1) Through the container virtualization execution environment technology, it is possible to achieve detailed security analysis and resource calculation; (2) Provide a multi-person online collaborative analysis execution environment.

AIdea provides an easy-to-operate interface, lowers the threshold of professional competence, reduces the cost of manpower and time, through the platform mechanism and open development environment, it can link talents, data and technology, activate data preparation, analysis framework and optimization model, and let the internal data of the enterprise The research team can refine the analysis model with more flexibility, and obtain the evaluation results more efficiently, or provide Crowd sourcing methods for collaboration.

AIdea artificial intelligence co-creation platform.
AIdea artificial intelligence co-creation platform.