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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Robot Self-Learning Technology

Technology Overview

Robot Self-Learning Technology.
Robot Self-Learning Technology.

In order to assist the industry to improve production efficiency, ITRI has developed self-learning technology for robots. The robotic arms adopt AI technology that enables quick learning and can complete different workpiece grasping tasks for small industries and diverse production needs.

Applications & Benefits

At present, the workpiece loading and unloading mode using visual analysis technology needs to be adjusted by an engineer with image processing expertise. Depending on the complexity of the workpiece type, it takes one to seven days to complete successfully. In addition, the installation of special machines or visual parameter adjustment is time-consuming and costly and may lead to idled machines due to lack of flexibility.ITRI uses robot simulation software to teach self-learning robotic arms to grasp workpieces. It only takes about 12 hours to complete the training and the robotic arm can work for actual workpieces the next day with slight adjustment, which greatly shortens the replacement time for new workpieces.

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