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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Power and Thermal-Aware Electronic System Level Platform

Technology Overview

Power and Thermal-Aware Electronic System Level Platform.
Power and Thermal-Aware Electronic System Level Platform.

From formulating the specifications of a chip, designing its structure, simulating its circuits, and planning its layout, to completing production, as the complexity of electronic products increases, the time it takes to develop chips also increases. If the simulation and verification of a system is not properly completed from the perspective of software application scenarios at the design stage, overheating and energy consumption problems of a chip are likely to occur after it is delivered to a customer, thereby causing huge losses. ITRI’s Power and Thermal- Aware Electronic System Level Platform proposes a new solution for hardware-software integrated system simulation.

Applications & Benefits

It shortens simulation time from several months to half a day, improving the simulation speed by 200 times and accuracy by 90%. The system can help designers quickly assess the energy consumption and heat dissipation in different blocks of a chip in various application scenarios. As a result, the designer can discover and resolve problems at an early stage, shortening the product development cycle. This technology has been introduced to the industry and applied to actual cases. It also received a 2017 R&D 100 Award.